Camp Rules

We have a few simple rules to follow, to ensure our farm remains beautiful for the next campers:


1. Speed Limits - Do not exceed 10km (walking speed)


2. Restricted Areas - Please see map on entry to camp site. As this is also a working dairy farm, please abide by these areas to avoid putting yourself in danger.


3. Rubbish- Please take all rubbish with you, DO NOT burn any rubbish.


4. Dogs - are welcome, but must be supervised and controlled at all times – not allowed to roam!


5. 9:00pm noise curfew, please be mindful of your neighbours and other locals.


6. Swim at own risk – be aware waterways can contain debris from flooding. Take care as there are deep holes. Children to ALWAYS be accompanied by an adult around waterways.


7. Fishing - is permitted, but we ask that all catches must be released.


8. Camp fires - are permitted, but are not to exceed 1m in diameter. All campfires to be totally extinguished with water before you retire each night.


9. Smokers - Please do not leave cigarette butts on our land.